Toby Corey Bio

Toby Corey is the former President of Tesla, former President of Global Field Operations, and former Chief Revenue Officer at Solar City, which merged into Tesla a few years ago. He successfully managed three $1b+ businesses (one as co-founder/President), two successful IPO’s, raised over $300m in private and public financing, Toby is a former President/COO of worldwide leader in web development services with $3b+ market cap and successful IPO, managed 7,000+ employee organization, operating globally, awarded two “messaging” patents, executed 40+ M&A transactions while career path disrupted information technology, digital economy, Renewable Energy and Mobile sectors.

He currently sits on the boards of CruzFoam and Santa Crus Works, former boards at: Buoy Labs, Advanced MicroGrid Solutions, WildLifeDirect with Chairman Dr. Richard Leakey, NBX Sports, Electron Economy, Intend Change, iGeneration, Travelscape, USWeb, and advisory boards at Qwil, Sorce, Inboard Technologies, and YaDoggi. He gives lectures at Stanford University’s Engineering Department on Management Science and Engineering.

He believes deeply in customer-centric big idea thinking. He likes to be on and preferably over the edge as much as possible. Toby is currently focused on transforming college entrepreneurship.