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Live Stream Sample

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Video On Demand Sample

Immediately above this text are two sample videos with audio. While the first video should play automatically, please allow a few seconds for the video to load, or click play to test the video. The first video is a live video test, and the second video is an on demand video test. For the best quality video and streaming, it is highly recommended to use the most updated version of your device, and browser.

If either video does not start: (1) Press the play button, or (2) Press the F5 key to refresh the page.

Should either video still fail to start, please follow the troubleshooting tips described below.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you are not seeing video or hearing audio, first make sure the video is not muted, then try to refresh your browser window. You may have to log in a second time if you are watching a live event.
  • If refreshing does not work to correct the problem, try opening the link in another browser such as a Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
    For best results, try using the most updated version of your browser.
  • If the video windows will not load, please be sure you do not have a firewall blocking the video content library located at –
  • Users with a strict firewall on their network may need to whitelist the following IP’s, depending on location, to ensure successful live video playback; – North America – Europe – Asia Pacific
  • If you are viewing from a mobile device, using WiFi may give better video quality.
  • If you are seeing an error message, Cannot load M3U8: 504 Gateway Timeout, then the live stream may temporarily be down.
Browser Compatibility*
Internet Explorer versions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10Unsupported
Internet Explorer version 11Acceptable
Microsoft Edge version 12 or higherBest Quality
Google Chrome version 40 or higherBest Quality
Firefox/Mozilla version 41 or higherBest Quality
Safari version 8 or higherBest Quality
Opera version 32 or higherBest Quality
Mobile Devices
Internet Explorer 11 (WinPhone 8.1) or higherBest Quality
Safari (iOS) v.5 or higherBest Quality
Stock Browser for Android v.4.1 or higherBest Quality
Chrome for Android v.30 or higherBest Quality
Firefox (Mozilla) for Android v.20 or higherBest Quality
*Unlisted browsers are not supported.
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